About us

Directly connected to another project called "Toca dos Láparos", Block adds activities for a wider public as well as more intense experiences, always with the same philosophy of contact and connection to Nature.

Based in Óbidos, we have a very varied team in what concerns their capacities as well as an enormous proximity created along the lives of each one of us. As a tourist entertainment company, we intend to show places and activities that are unknown to the majority and that convey feelings and quality moments in a region yet to be explored and with enormous hidden potential. 

Therefore, we also intend to do it with the maximum respect and care so that these spaces are maintained in order to allow future generations to use them with the same natural characteristics in which they were found.

Mission & Values

To provide moments of quality, fun and adventure with total safety and respect for the surrounding environment. Enjoy, preserve, continue!



Nature Care



Mentalities are beginning to change... It is increasingly clearer the need to enjoy life, live different experiences and moments. A few years ago, society valued and invested in owning goods, now it invests in life experiences. This is where BLOCK wants to come in. We feel that, in fact, life is to be enjoyed to the fullest and we want to enable this enjoyment in a professional, safe and sustainable way, showing the riches and adventures that exist around us!

José Ferreira - CEO BLOCK Experience

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